My vegan life in London

I’m really looking forward to going to the vegan event VegFest for the first time tomorrow. It’s happening this weekend in London.

In the meantime, I thought I’d do a simple but (I hope) comprehensive post on all the vegan resources, shops, places to eat, food and products that I’ve enjoyed or found useful over the past couple of years, when first my wife went vegan and then I joined her.

I’m keeping it London-centric because that’s where I’ve spent most of the time in the past few years, but might do another post with stuff I’ve found on my travels.

Shopping and eating

Vegan Cross / Vx

Vegan Cross, or Vx (in King’s Cross, with an online shop too) was such a good find when my wife first became a vegan and it has continued to be one of my favourite shops since I became vegan too.

It’s funny, I remember feeling weirdly jealous (if that’s the right word?) that I wasn’t a vegan myself when I first shopped there. Knowing it was there definitely made it easier when I decided to go vegan myself later.

I really like how Vx is focused on junk food and treats, such as cheeses, meat substitutes and ice cream, as well as some good vegan-friendly merchandise and clothes/footwear. It imports lots of great foods from places such as Germany and keeps us all updated through its Instagram feed (styled as SSOV – their Secret Society of Vegans).

Hotel Chocolat

I was already aware of this chocolate shop but was interested to see they were the top result when I Googled “vegan chocolate” a couple of years ago. They’re not quite the top result any more but they do make their vegan range nice and clear on their website.

Cookies and Scream

I’m lucky working in Camden – Cookies and Scream do the best vegan (and gluten-free) cakes and milkshakes, and they are there in Camden Market seven days a week. I love their doughnuts, chocolate brownies and orange blondies… and really pretty much everything they make. Plus they are so nice to their customers! Highly recommended.

Pomodoro e Basilico

Also highly recommended – and recently, also often there with a stall in Camden Market. You can find out what’s on the menu and where through the Instagram feed. A wide range of savoury Italian treats such as pizza, breads, sandwiches, quiches/tarts and more – and an increasing range of lovely sweet treats such as doughnuts and homemade versions of famous chocolate bars. Also got me hooked on the drink chinotto – kind of like a cola but with a dry grapefruity tang.

Holland & Barrett

The Camden branch sells quite a few vegan foods and snacks, including sausage rolls, sausages and cheeses, and they have an online shop too.

Earth Natural Foods

This shop in Kentish Town has quite a few vegan products, and the staff are really helpful and friendly.


I really should have mentioned Superdrug before in a blog post – it’s great that their own-brand toiletries and cosmetics are all cruelty-free and BUAV-approved, and usually marked as suitable for vegans.

Veg Bar

Ms Cupcake


The Gate

Vanilla Black

Amico Bio

Inspiral Lounge

Info and resources

Fat Gay Vegan

Vegan London

Vegan Life magazine

To be continued…


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