2016 highlights – spring – homegrown UX for a new homepage (and beyond…)

Continuing my review of some professional highlights from 2016.

Spring 2016
– homegrown user testing

In early 2016 we began running in-house user testing/user experience (UX) work for digital products at Diabetes UK.

We’d had some great training from David Travis at UserFocus. We also invested in some software to allow us to run testing remotely online: Optimal Workshop, which includes Optimal Sort for card-sorting exercises, and Treejack, which allows you to set tasks based on navigating through menu structures to test groupings, hierarchies and section/page names.

We also established a dedicated digital testing room at our new office when we moved in September – and had a makeshift one at our previous office in the meantime, which doubled up as our media interview recording/ISDN room. We bought one further piece of software, Morae, that allows you to track and record user behaviour when you’re doing 1-1 user testing in person.

With just some of these basic bits of kit, you could start your own DIY user testing too.


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