2016 highlights – autumn – fruitful (but far from mellow. Or misty)

A final post on my highlights from 2016 and it feels like I’ve saved the busiest season till last.

Autumn 2016
– a new (work) home, events, diabetes in the media, brand changes, a VIP visit, and World Diabetes Day

Maybe because it’s fresh in my mind but autumn (and the start of the next winter) seemed especially busy this year.

Still stepping

September (and, for me, the first week or so of October too 😊) was the final month of my 1 Million Step challenge for Diabetes UK. And because I was playing catch-up, it was one of my busiest ever months for walking in my three years of tracking.

This was helped by our office move. We’d outgrown our old home of 12+ years in Camden and been priced out of an increasingly gentrified, relatively central location. The old office was less than 30 minutes’ walk from home so I tended to commute on foot. Our eventual new office in Whitechapel is about two hours’ walk away, so understandably I didn’t plan to keep to my old Tube-free ways. But for the rest of my 1 Million Steps and whenever I can since then, I get off the Tube 25/30 minutes away from the office and walk the rest. It minimises my packed commute and maximises my physical activity … and my step count.

Events – at home and away

So many excellent events at the end of last year.


NFP Tweetup

Google for Non-profits

We Are Social

Third Sector Digital Leaders

Adloox digital ad security seminar

Barcamp NFP

Charity Social CEOs

Together We’re Better – user-centred transformation seminar




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