Digital transformation for the charity sector; Manifesto event, 9 March 2017

One of the many good things about the charity digital world is how open people are to sharing their thoughts and experiences, often in the form of free events and presentations. One of the agencies we at Diabetes UK work with, Manifesto, runs events like these from time to time and their most recent one a couple of weeks ago was especially good.

The theme was ‘digital transformation for the charity sector’ and we heard from: Jo Wolfe, Assistant Director, Digital at Breast Cancer Care; Pat Shone, Technology Director at Manifesto; and Julie Dodd, Director of Digital Transformation & Communication at Parkinson’s UK, and author of The New Reality. Here are some of my key takeaways from what they told us.

Jo Wolfe

Maturity index
Have to measure and benchmark in the different areas. RAG not enough. Then set targets in those areas to help set strategy and plans and resources.
MSF blew her away. Team really mature. Poss because same stable team for six years

Pat Shone

– model, four phases of devt
– could look at for review and retirement too
– stat eval, weighting important
Try before you buy?

Julie Dodd

New reality
100+ days of putting theory into practice
Scale of dying out -> embracing
P not halfway to e yet but made big steps by creating her role and directorate
SMT have a WhatsApp group
Good to make people excited and a little uncomfortable
6 areas of focus – tech funding culture?? And…??
Very much both internal and external transformation – not sure I’ve seen as much/equal focus on ext in my own or other charities
Came up with a statement on what DT is for P
Longer and shorter versions
Talk about it over and over
Make it more interesting for diff audiences – diff formats, e.g. Video for trustees.
Bring in external speakers, lunch and learn etc
Digital competencies – 3? Levels – everyone has to be up to level 1 by end of this year.
Make it visible by making visual, e.g. Screen in reception, simple hack to show sessions graph, top search terms and pages visited
Things still move slowly – budget cycles
Less need to focus on digital comms, most have got a grip on that. Look more at supporting new tech, e.g. New apps devices sites – open but with critical eye, need a framework before recommending any
Digital strategy/electricity strategy
Umbrella room – again visual, prompts questions just by being there – really need to get our digital testing room in shape, whiteboard paint? Proper screens, camera and lighting.
ICO clampdown and new regs – see as an opportunity and a good thing. If we can weather the dip then it will force us to think more about our comms with supporters – more based on what they want, where we ask for data because we’ll make good use of it, promise to keep it safe. Better retention strategy. Before, we just lost people to churn.

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