Full circle

I haven’t blogged for a while because it’s been a busy few months, during which I’ve left Diabetes UK after many years, moving to a dream role as the digital lead at Maggie’s Centres.

It was sad to leave but I’ve wanted to work for Maggie’s for such a long time. I’ve supported them for years, first learning about them when I studied Architecture and volunteered at the RIBA. I’ve followed their progress ever since, seeing them open a centre a year for the last 20+ years, providing amazing emotional and practical support for people affected by cancer.

Their brilliance was thrown into sharper relief for me when we lost my Dad to cancer but unfortunately there was no Maggie’s centre in the area – I felt their worth through their absence.

Ask my friends in the charity digital world and most of them knew I wanted to work for Maggie’s someday. So it feels like I have come full circle, with my foundation in modern architecture and my career in digital health and charities, and my family’s personal experience of cancer. Maggie’s is the perfect next step. I’ll be blogging about my early experiences there soon.

Meanwhile, for World Diabetes Day it seems like a good time to say goodbye for now to Diabetes UK and reflect on what I learned there.

“The most important thing I’ve learned in the past twenty years of my career as a scientist is also the greatest discovery of modern ecology. It’s the simple yet fundamental idea that life is the expression of relationships within a network; it is not a series of separate goals pursued by distinct individuals. This is as true of ants, giraffes and wolves as it is of humans. It’s through my interactions with all the pioneers of human ecology that I have been lucky enough to express my own creativity and contribute to the community. I am extremely grateful for that.”

– Dr David Servan-Schreiber,  Not the last goodbye


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