Barcamp NFP – 19 January 2018

It was good to start the year with a Barcamp NFP event, after I hadn’t been able to make it to last year’s. It feels like it runs more smoothly with each passing event, with less time needed at the start to create the programme, and more time left for sessions.

These were some of my key takeaways and contributions.

Trustee Boards

  • Language – take care with it – do they respond more to ‘innovation’ or ‘efficiency’ or ‘risk’/’urgency’?
  • I’ve found an Agile approach can be a way of mitigating risk, by not having to agree everything up front, and by being able to show regular progress.
  • Make it user- and problem-focused, not focused on a channel or pre-empting a solution.
  • Find out what makes each trustee tick – can one trustee/senior manager fill you in on that?
  • Check out Lucy Gower’s new Lucidity Network.
  • Try to meet and talk outside of usual board meeting settings.
  • Also consider involving them in away days – they could even help to run them.
  • Organise your own internal conference.

Design sprints

  • Five days ideally – one week
  • Could compress or split
  • Roles incl decider, budget holder; key people with relevant skills
  • External facilitator can be seen as more neutral and trusted, need specific skills so unlikely to be an internal person
  • Books to refer to include The Sprint Book and Just Enough Research.
  • Techniques include dot votes, silent critique, place to park ideas.
  • Eg EA Games have menu of approaches incl design sprints, agile, waterfall – and choose best approach, not wedded to one.
  1. Day 1 – like a compressed discovery phase.
  2. Day 2 – morning: recap outcomes of day 1, plus examples of others solving similar problems. Afternoon: shortlist five to eight possible solutions in poster format
  3. Day 3 – narrow down to 3 – in afternoon start to flesh out
  4. Day 4 – prototyping – writing, building prototypes, get set up for next day. (Marvel, Sketch) prototyping software). Make it as real as possible.
  5. Day 5 – testing through eg 5 1-1 interviews. Can record eg through private hangout on air.

Donation forms

  • A/B testing – you can use Optimisely for this
  • Payment solutions include Paypal; GoCardless
  • Good forms example: Avaaz
  • Identify/ focus on the friction rather than worrying about the distractions
  • Contactless and Apple Pay only really works in person.
  • At least capture email address and permissions initially in case people drop out.

Artificial Intelligence

  • aka Amy or Andy
  • Meeting organiser bot
  • Chatfuel for building FB Messenger bot

Internal comms

  • People are using eg: Yammer; Microsoft Teams (like Slack); Facebook Workplace; Papyrus
  • Champions in each team; and one main coordinator
  • Slack can get quite sprawling
  • Brand platform – Aquatint
  • Remove other options or minimise them
  • Make it based on internal user need – Follow up with ‘you said, we did’
  • Give your intranet a friendly name + “Relentless enthusiasm”.

Death and digital

  • Break the taboo
  • Think about it earlier
  • Plan for it
  • National Bereavement Survey
  • Passing Boxes
  • Alzheimer’s Memory Boxes
  • 40% of people don’t have a will.
  • Think about digital assets as well as physical
  • Living wills
  • Dying Matters Coalition (and DM Week)
  • Run by Hospices UK
  • Next of Kin Myth = only HCPs have final say if people don’t have power of attorney or living will set up – not Next of Kin.

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